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Brian's Farming Videos

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About Us

Bob: 3rd generation farmer. Married to his wife, Brenda, since 1971. Proud father to Brian and BJ (Bob Junior). Coined the term "government juice".

Brian: 4th generation farmer. Married to Kayla since 2011. Proud father to Emme, Dax (reason for the term "working words"), and Livia. Started the YouTube channel.

BJ: 4th generation farmer. Married to Rachael since 2007. Proud father to Trey, Landon, and Mason. Recently had a change of heart and started farming for the first time at age 41.

George: was once an uncle to Brian and BJ but is now an irreplaceable asset to Brown Farms and family.  Is a Vietnam vet. 

We all farm together in Southern Ohio. We grow corn, wheat, and soybeans on roughly 3,500 acres